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Canine myotherapy for rehabilitation, relief from pain and discomfort and maintaining the muscular health and wellbeing of your dog.

Canine Myotherapy can help to relieve chronic muscular pain from issues such as:

  • osteoarthritis

  • hip & elbow dysplasia

  • repetitive strain injuries

  • sporting injuries

  • compensatory muscle pain

  • soft tissue injuries

  • surgery

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What is Canine Myotherapy?

Canine Myotherapy is a manual therapy involving detailed assessments of the dog's posture, targeted massage techniques, passive movements and myofascial release. Home advice can be given as well as functional exercises.

Massage applied with intent, skill and knowledge is able to help ease the pain of acute muscle tension and dysfunction as well as chronic tension from muscles compensating for an issue. It is a holistic treatment, affecting the whole body on a cellular level, increasing circulation and draining cell waste products, improving general health and vitality.

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What does a treatment session involve?


This is a mobile service - I come to you and treat your dog in their own home. I will spend time observing your dog's movements and assessing their gait.

I will then proceed with a palpation assessment and gentle therapeutic massage.

Treatments take place on a supportive mat on the floor or where your dog feels comfortable and is supported.

Your dog is never restrained and is free to come & go from the treatment area. They will usually take themselves off for a drink, sniff or a good shake and return when they are ready.

Sessions last from 40 to 60 minutes and the cost is $80.

Additional pets in the family are treated at a discounted rate.

A significant improvement in comfort level is usually noticed within 3 sessions, around 7 to 12 days apart.

I will include a home treatment plan of massage techniques or exercises you can use to help your dog.

Claims for treatments are accepted by some Pet Insurance companies.


The Messy Poles exercise improves proprioception, actively moves joints and provides mental stimulation

About me

Through several years of volunteer work caring for street dogs overseas, I witnessed the healing power of massage therapy on dogs with major musculoskeletal issues from abuse and road accidents. This brought me to studying with Galen Myotherapy Centre in the UK and following my passion for dogs into a career change from teaching to working full-time assisting dogs with pain relief and rehabilitation through myotherapy. I feel immensely grateful for the opportunity to bring about positive change in the dogs I am entrusted with.

I started this business in Hobart and moved to Launceston in 2023, where I live with my rescued pals, Gwen & Daisy.



"Barb has helped our dog so much, she's an older greyhound with some joint pain and after a few sessions Gracie would get so excited when Barb would come round (she knew exactly what she was there for). Barb's treatment provided relief for Gracie and also helped us start supporting her to strengthen her sore spots. Barb really listens to your dog, Gracie is typical greyhound, doesn't like being handled in certain ways, and Barb was so responsive and respectful of her. We'd definitely recommend Barb - she's made a huge difference to our old girls life!"

Charlotte, Hobart


 "Audrey, our Italian Greyhound, had significant mobility issues with her right rear leg. After four sessions with Barb, Audrey’s mobility had improved dramatically. Barb was amazing, patient and caring with Audrey and we will definitely be continuing with her services".

Wendy and Ashley, Hobart


"Jemima is now a senior citizen with some ongoing joint and neuropathic pain issues. After a recent flare of her pain, I was really excited to find there is now a dog myotherapy practitioner available in Hobart! I know how much I appreciate my human myotherapy practitioner as part of my pain management team. Jemima is a tricky subject, she loves people but she is very worried about her sore spots. We found that Barb is patient, respectful and skilled at gaining trust with your dog. Jemima's movement and general demeanour has improved after each session and we will continue to have Barb come to help her stay comfortable".

Kate, Glenorchy.


"I would like to thank Barb Morris for her treatment of Casey. She is a caring and dedicated woman concerned about the care of dogs and she gained a rapport with Casey and he was relaxed and extremely happy. She has helped improve his mobility and energy as he ages for which I am extremely grateful.  I look forward to utilising her services again."

Ulla, Hobart



Further Information

For more information on Galen Myotherapy click here:

For Galen Myotherapy in Queensland I highly recommend Jan at K9Keewee

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As a Galen Canine Myotherapist I am dedicated to excellence in Canine Myotherapy, and I stay at the forefront of the field by consistently engaging in professional development and staying abreast of the latest research. This commitment ensures that my clients receive the highest standard of care for their canine companions.

Fully insured for your peace of mind

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This business is dedicated to my inspirations, Rosie and Raya, who travelled the world with me.

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Let's help your best friend get the spring back in their step.

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